A One Minute Review

Klaus Kinski was a brilliant actor, renowned for his violent fits of rage and psychotic behavior. His best work was with director Werner Herzog in such films as Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo and the remake of Nosferatu. He also appeared in Sergio Leone’s, For a Few Dollars More, and the spaghetti western classics, The Great Silence, and A Bullet for the General. Kinski professed to loathing most of his films, including the string of Giallo thrillers like Slaughter Hotel and Death Smiles on a Murderer. He worked with directors, Jess Franco, Sergio Corbucci, Antonio Margheriti, Sergio Garrone, and Joe D’Amato.

Horror author William Burke will be reviewing selections from his eccentric book collection and sharing them with viewers.

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