A One Minute Review

A small town is invaded by swarms of ravenous vampire bats. Horror author William Burke looks at author Martin Cruz Smith’s (Gorky Park) underrated animals attack novel Night Wing.

Martin Cruz Smith was the author of several Nick Carter, Killmaster novels before hitting the bestseller list with Gorky Park. Stephen King, author of It, Carrie and The Shining called Night Wing, “One of the best horror novels in the last twenty years.” Native American mysticism and modern science collide in the best tradition of horror literature as a southwestern town is beset by cattle mutilations and human deaths. While reminiscent of Peter Benchley’s book Jaws which became the classic Stephen Spielberg film. Night Wing is an exciting example of 1970’s pulp horror fiction, far better than the glut of animal attack, nature run amok books of the era.

Night Wing was adapted into a film starting David Warner, star of Sam Pekinpah’s Cross of Iron. Warner is known to science fiction fans as the Cardassian interrogator in Star Trek: the Next Generation and a Klingon in Star Trek 6. The film adaptation of Night Wing was a box office flop, but has gained a following as a cult movie.

Similar book recommendations include James Herbert’s, The Rats, Lair and Domain. Jaws by Peter Benchley. Guy N. Smith’s Night of the Crabs and Croc by David James.


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